• Exerpt From My Memoir

    Exerpt From My Memoir

    Copyright 2015 Alan F. Zundel (Excerpt from the beginning of my memoir, Sunshine and Troubled Sea: How I Stumbled My Way Into Adulthood, More or Less.) Prologue Sometimes I have dreams of people shortly after they have died. I had […]

  • Testing the Existence of God

    Testing the Existence of God

    by Alan F. Zundel In the summer of 1970 as I was nearing age 18, I did an experiment. I tested the existence of God by hitchhiking from Michigan to California and back with two friends. I know, it was […]

  • The Politics of Disillusionment

    The Politics of Disillusionment

    Commentary on Jonathan Darman’s “Landslide: LBJ and Ronald Reagan at the Dawn of a New America” (Random House, 2014) by Alan F. Zundel Big government or small government? Or are you sick of having politics defined by that tired debate? […]