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A History of the Green Party in the United States. Part 1: Movement or Party? (1983-1994). Covers events and key personalities in the first incarnation of the national Green organization, from its inspiration in the 1983 electoral victory of the German Green Party to its 1992 breakup into two organizations and the immediate aftermath. The key issue in this phase of the party’s history was whether it was to be the national organization of a Green movement or a new political party running candidates for elected offices at all levels, including the Presidential. This dramatic struggle over strategy nearly destroyed what was to become one of the most successful alternative parties in the recent history of the United States. First part of a projected three-part history.

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Sunshine and Troubled Sea: How I Stumbled My Way Into Adulthood, More or Less (2015) An humorous memoir of my rocky road to early adulthood and the struggle to reconcile the conflicting influences of my good-natured mother and moody father. It follows my search for love and meaning from early childhood, through romantic misadventures and the turmoil of the late ’60s, to the beginnings of my spiritual journey. (To read a preview, click here.)

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Hold Only Good Memories (Screenplay, 2014) A young man grieving the death of his mother comes to believe her spirit is guiding him to save a young woman from an abusive ex-boyfriend.



Heart Awakening: A Novel (2005) An autobiographical novel about how a cynical young man’s relationship with a young woman opens him up to spirituality. This is one of my favorites among my writings, as I think it effectively portrays how it felt to be a young adult searching for meaning in the early 1970s. (To read a preview, click here.)

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Be Transformed: A Christian Path to Your True Self (2006) In this book I highlight how central Christian concepts are related to the process of personal spiritual growth rather than focusing on their “literal” or historical truth. At the time I wrote it I was trying to sum up my thinking on this after three decades of Christian belief and practice. I stand behind the information on spiritual growth, although the book no longer accurately reflects my religious self-identity.

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Declarations of Dependency: The Civic Republican Tradition in U.S. Poverty Policy (2000) My first book describes how the language used to discuss poverty policy in the United States shaped public policy over the last two centuries. It is an academic book but I think is accessible to most lay people. I flatter myself that it still has something important to say about U.S. poverty policy.

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