Looking Forward, Looking Back


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by Alan F. Zundel

Last November I wrote that I was backing off from this blog due, in part, to becoming more politically active. Well, this year I’ve become even more politically active and the real action is just starting!

It was just over a year ago that I joined the Pacific Green Party here in Oregon—on March 6, 2015. I tried to get involved at the county level but there were no meetings taking place. Eventually I contacted some people and things started to roll.

Now I am the state Secretary of the party, a member of the State Coordinating Committee, helping lead an electoral reform initiative, and planning to run for office. All this has been keeping me happily occupied, and will be taking even more of my time as the year unfolds.

My fiction writing has taken the hit. Neither the second memoir, the revision of my screenplay, nor the novel based on the screenplay have been moving forward. Most of my writing has been the occasional review posted here, mostly of movies and politically-oriented books. An odd combination for a blog trying to find its focus.

I started this blog a little over a year ago (first post March 12, 2015) intending to promote and build an audience for my books. I had trouble finding a focus and have continually divided my posts between my interests in fiction (movie and novel reviews) and non-fiction (mostly reviews of politically-oriented books). Now my attention to fiction is sputtering and I’ve moved my political reviews to another blog.

So what’s left here? Occasional movie reviews and writing about how I’m not doing much writing? (Other than the political stuff.) Doesn’t sound too promising.

Likely this blog will be neglected the rest of this year as I pursue my political engagements. At year’s end the campaigns will be over and I can reassess. Maybe I will get back to my neglected writing projects. Maybe I will continue on the political path.

The latter seems more likely, inasmuch as I spent most of my past adult life on political preoccupations and have now found an outlet for my efforts that other people value. It makes sense that my life would be moving in this direction.

But I hate to make predictions, as life is so unpredictable. Mine certainly has been!

And, God willing, will continue to be. I thrive on change and challenges. The truth is, I get bored easily. And politics these days looks anything but boring to me.


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