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Sunshine and Troubled Sea: How I Stumbled My Way Into Adulthood, More or Less, is available in e-book format to download and read FREE through Sunday, March 29 2015. Click on the title or cover above to go to and download a copy.

If you do not own a Kindle reader, you may read the book using a free Kindle app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone. To download the app directly click here.

The memoir is, I hope, a painfully honest, humorous and at times poignant account of my rocky road to early adulthood and my efforts to reconcile within myself the conflicting influences my supportive mother and moody father. The story will take you through romantic misadventures, the turmoil of the ’60s, a comedy partnership, New Age spirituality and my first glimmers of a spiritual awakening.

I hope you enjoy the book and look forward to any comments you have!

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