Movie Reviews

  • Movie Review: Sweet Land (2005)

    Movie Review: Sweet Land (2005)

    by Alan F. Zundel It isn’t often my wife and I find a movie we both can enjoy. She leans toward warm and fuzzy family fare, and I prefer—well, just about anything else. We discovered “Sweet Land” the other evening, […]

  • Movie Review: Sicario (2015)

    Movie Review: Sicario (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel “Sicario” is a well-made movie about a grim subject, the U.S. “war” against Mexican drug gangs. I put war in quotation marks because the question of whether it is a literal or figurative war is a […]

  • Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

    Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel There are not a lot of bright spots in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The lead actress acquits herself well. There is nice location shooting of the Pacific Northwest, with Vancouver standing in for Portland and Seattle. […]

  • Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    Movie Review: The Lazarus Effect (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel Hampered by a Frankenstein’s monster of a script, “The Lazarus Effect” lumbers across the screen invoking pity for the actors who squandered their creative energies trying to give life to this monstrosity. The plot is sewn […]

  • Movie Review: The Interview (2014)

    Movie Review: The Interview (2014)

    by Alan F. Zundel DISCLAIMER: I only watched 30 minutes of this movie before turning it off, so this review may not be a fair assessment. Maybe things got a lot better after that point. I know they did for […]

  • Movie Review: The Drop (2014)

    Movie Review: The Drop (2014)

    by Alan F. Zundel “The Drop” is a taut suspense drama that builds to a surprising and effective climax. Based on a short story by screenwriter Dennis Lehane, it has a short story’s efficient development and sharp sense of place […]

  • Movie Review: The East (2013)

    Movie Review: The East (2013)

    by Alan F. Zundel “The East” is a thoughtful and thought-provoking film, but lacks the emotional punch to make it fully satisfying. It prodded my brain more than my heart. And yet it treats of a subject that does touch […]

  • Movie Review: This Is Forty (2012)

    Movie Review: This Is Forty (2012)

    by Alan F. Zundel I remember the year I turned forty. It was 1992. Clinton and Bush were running for the Presidency, and a cranky old rich white guy came out of nowhere to create problems for the Bush campaign. […]

  • Movie Review: The Fourth Kind (2009)

    Movie Review: The Fourth Kind (2009)

    by Alan F. Zundel “The Fourth Kind” is a very creepy story presented in a movie that does not live up to its potential. An alien abduction tale based on true events, whether you find it scary or laughable will […]

  • Movie Review: Days of Heaven (1978)

    Movie Review: Days of Heaven (1978)

    by Alan F. Zundel “Days of Heaven” is an exquisite cinematic experience, a morality tale presented with simplicity and heart-wrenching beauty. Starring Richard Gere and Brooke Adams as tragic lovers, it has belatedly come to be recognized as a must-see […]