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  • My New Book: History of the Green Party in the U.S.

    My New Book: History of the Green Party in the U.S.

    by Alan F. Zundel Hello! It’s been a while since I posted on this blog, but I have continued writing during that time. I’ve recently published a new e-book, The History of the Green Party in the United States, Part […]

  • Book Review: Death and the Art of Memoir

    Book Review: Death and the Art of Memoir

    by Alan F. Zundel Writing a memoir means confronting who you really are. A memoir is a protest against the silence of death. The first assertion is that of Mary Karr, the author of “The Art of Memoir” (2015). Karr […]

  • Looking Forward, Looking Back

    Looking Forward, Looking Back

    by Alan F. Zundel Last November I wrote that I was backing off from this blog due, in part, to becoming more politically active. Well, this year I’ve become even more politically active and the real action is just starting! […]

  • Prologue to the Forthcoming Sequel to My Memoir

    by Alan F. Zundel Well, the ideas for the sequel to my recent memoir have jelled enough that I am finding some thematic direction for it. I just wrote a Prologue, which follows below. You comments are welcome. The last […]

  • Backing Off From This Blog

    by Alan F. Zundel Those few of you who have been following this blog know that I’ve been heading into some hard choices, feeling crunched for the time to do everything I’m trying to do. Today I decided writing reviews […]

  • Beginning of My New Memoir

    Beginning of My New Memoir

    by Alan F. Zundel In the late summer of 1975 I tasted God. Just a taste, mind you, but enough to send me to my knees weeping. There was no theological context or content to the experience, simply a sudden […]

  • Wrestling with the Muse

    Wrestling with the Muse

    by Alan F. Zundel You may have noticed I haven’t written about my writing lately. Actually, my last post on the subject was two months ago, when I wrote about distractions and procrastination. Now guess why I haven’t written about […]

  • Distractions and Procrastination

    by Alan F. Zundel My writing is keeping me from writing. I started this blog to build an audience for my books, especially my upcoming novel. (It’s about a guy who thinks the ghost of his mother is guiding him […]

  • New Opening to My Upcoming Novel

    by Alan F. Zundel Here’s the latest draft of the first few chapters of to my upcoming paranormal romance novel, “Hold Only Good Memories.” Feedback is welcome! Prologue When eyes meet it is more like touching or tasting than observing. […]

  • Scary Stories

    Scary Stories

    by Alan F. Zundel Do you like scary stories? I do. I went to see a ghost movie today, “The Gallows,” and admit I got scared a lot. Only it wasn’t the movie that scared me. I’ll be reviewing that […]