Book Reviews: Non-Fiction

  • Book Review: Another Politics (2014)

    Book Review: Another Politics (2014)

    by Alan F. Zundel “Another Politics: Talking Across Today’s Transformative Movements,” is the best book about political activism that I have read in many years. Author Chris Dixon conducted over two hundred interviews with experienced grassroots activists across the United […]

  • An Israel-Iran Armageddon?

    An Israel-Iran Armageddon?

    © 2015 Alan F. Zundel Commentary on My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel by Ari Shavit (Spiegel & Grau, 2013) Like many others I suspected Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent appearance before the U.S. Congress of […]

  • The Politics of Disillusionment

    The Politics of Disillusionment

    Commentary on Jonathan Darman’s “Landslide: LBJ and Ronald Reagan at the Dawn of a New America” (Random House, 2014) by Alan F. Zundel Big government or small government? Or are you sick of having politics defined by that tired debate? […]