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  • Book Review: Snowden (2015)

    Book Review: Snowden (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel If you are looking for a brief and easy-to-read intro to the controversies surrounding whistleblower Edward Snowden, Ted Rall’s “Snowden” is an excellent choice. Sort of a Cliff’s Notes version with cartoon illustrations. Rall is a […]

  • Movie Review: Sicario (2015)

    Movie Review: Sicario (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel “Sicario” is a well-made movie about a grim subject, the U.S. “war” against Mexican drug gangs. I put war in quotation marks because the question of whether it is a literal or figurative war is a […]

  • Wrestling with the Muse

    Wrestling with the Muse

    by Alan F. Zundel You may have noticed I haven’t written about my writing lately. Actually, my last post on the subject was two months ago, when I wrote about distractions and procrastination. Now guess why I haven’t written about […]

  • Book Review: Green Parties, Green Future (2015)

    Book Review: Green Parties, Green Future (2015)

    by Alan F. Zundel “Green Parties, Green Future” provides a handy overview of the political parties of the global Green movement, their origins, current state, and future challenges. Informative and written in a straightforward, almost dry style, it’d make a […]